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When considering how to rebrand your company, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

Don’t abandon your core customers

If your brand is well known, or known for a specific style or genre, you don’t want your existing clients to think you’ve completely jumped ship. Rebranding isĀ about elevating your brand, or making it more inclusive, not about supplanting it with another company altogether.

Know your customer

If your customer base has changed then rebranding is a vital step to your company’sĀ survival. If your customers are the exact same as they always were, then an update or refresh of your existing brand would be the best approach. Showing your clients that you are a modern company that adapts with the times lets them know that you are not going anywhere and that you are adaptable to an ever-changing world.

Don’t be afraid

You took a risk when you started your company, but it can get harder to take those risks when you feel you have more to lose. Remember that risk-taking is the core of success. Change isn’t easy for anyone, especially if you are the one who created the brand initially. You may understand that you should update your brand, but are apprehensive that the public will not acccept the new face-lift and after all your existing brand has worked fine so far. The saying “What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow” is true. To keep up with competition you have to be fierce and willing to take risks — that doesn’t mean the same thing as being reckless.

Take careful, cautious, and deliberate steps to ensure your brand is keeping up, or leading the way, without changing your core values or principles that made your brand successful to begin with.

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